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How to Battle Giant Monsters is out on audiobook!

Star Wheel Books is excited to announced that book 4 of The Adventures of Duke LaGrange - How to Battle Giant Monsters with a Drunk Space Ninja - is out in audiobook form! The talented William Tulin is back as the voice of Duke and, well, you know it has to be good, right?

Available here.


To the surprise of most of the universe, Earth has entered into an era of peace. That is, until a trio of titanic space monsters arrive.

Bounty hunter Duke LaGrange has seemingly retired on the primitive world of Neprius. His former sidekick, Ishiro’shea, has hung up his katana and is now the proud owner of the galaxy’s loudest bar, Cyborg Joe’s Grill N’ Go and The Why Not Saloon on the planet Kelt. But when a mysterious entity visits Duke and warns him of a great danger set to destroy Earth, he must decide if he will get the gang back together for one last mission. Unfortunately for the brave crew of the Deus Ex Machina, the mission includes indestructible building-smashing behemoths from the unknown regions of the cosmos, savage cyborg mercenaries, and an old friend that simply won’t die.

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