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Audiobook Update! Book 3 is out!

You've been it's official! The third book in The Adventures of Duke LaGrange - How to Save the Universe with a Drunk Space Ninja - is out on audiobook! The extremely talented Will Tulin once again lends his voice to the universe of bounty hunters, space ninjas, anthropomorphic musk oxen, and inter dimensional bartenders - and this might be the best adventure yet!

Get it now on Audible or iTunes!

Who knew that all you needed to conquer the cosmos was a magic orb, an ancient shield, and a fancy key? Apparently, maniacal madman and aspiring universal ruler Admiral LePaco did. The entire universe is on the brink of disaster as the race to find the components to an inter dimensional doomsday device heats up. Stopping the ruthless Admiral Lothario LePaco and his band of disgruntled middle management mercenaries will be the biggest challenge to date for everyone’s favorite bounty hunting duo, Duke LaGrange and Ishiro’shea. The route to the mysterious artifacts includes ruthless crime syndicates, high-octane space battles, and the best Irish whisky cake on this side of the Demilitarized Zone. And if that wasn’t enough to contend with…it’s now become a family affair.

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