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Introducing The Trampling Death Robots, the band that redefined the Explosion Rock genre! wants you to become better acquainted with the wonderful characters that Duke and Ishiro'shea encounter in their many journeys across the cosmos! Up next - The Trampling Death Robots! You may know that this robotic quartet has a host of chart-topping mega-hits like I Want to Smash You, My Binary Baby and Moonlight Over Squashed Bones of Puny Beings, Parts I-III in E-Flat, however, did you know that devout fans gather every cycle in a dangerous asteroid belt between Jungafallow III and IV to attend the Kiss My Ass-teroid Festival in their honor? Or that their fan club on Jungafallow III is viewed as a powerful military outfit? Check out The Adventures of Duke LaGrange to lean more!

#dukelagrange #characters #tramplingdeathrobots #sprinkles

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