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Full Name: Lilly Arnaq 

Planet of Origin: Gartosh - Moon Colony #3

Occupation: Nanny and semi-professional boxer

Awards/Accomplishments: Runner-up, Miss Bovine Boxing Tournament of Gartosh

Weapon of Choice: Running Headbutt Attack and Right Uppercut

They Said It: "Hello there, my name is Lilly and I come from one of the moons of Gartosh."


After the great Musk Ox Uprising and their subsequent relocation to the distant planet Gartosh, the species quickly evolved and colonized the surrounding moons.  The Gartoshian Musk Oxen are peaceful race on the whole; family-oriented with a great love of the outdoors and physical activity.  Lilly Arnaq of Moon Colony #3 is no exception.  From a middle-class home, Lilly enjoyed activities with her 11 brothers and sisters and family trips to the other colonies to watch their local athletic teams in competition.  She excelled in numerous sports including tennis, wrestling, shot put, and Gerflacken ball--but her passion was boxing.  During her high school and college years, she won numerous amateur titles and was highlighted in numerous publications as a future superstar pugilist.  


Unfortuantely, Lilly was forced to hang up the gloves only days after her college graduation in order to help her mother raise her younger siblings.  Her father, Othello Arnaq, decided to run for public office on Colony #3 and, during his campaign, was found in a comprising situation with an intern on a weekend getaway to Glyptodia.  Lilly worked odd jobs until her last sibling was in college and then, when she felt her family obligations were met, she went back to school to get her Advanced Nannying Degree at Colony Three Tech (Go Fighting Jam Sandwiches!).  Her nannying business was quite successful, however, Lilly was still haunted every day by a host of "what if"s.  At the age of thirty-six solar cycles, she entered in a local boxing tournament.  With minimal training, she won the event--defeating contestants much younger.  This success prompted an invitation from the Gartoshian Sports Council to fight in the annual Miss Bovine Boxing Tournament--the highest profile sports event for female musk oxen.  Lilly became an instant celebrity due to her advanced age but most experts believed that it was a publicity stunt and her time in the tournament would be short-lived.  A motivated Lilly decimated her opponents one-by-one despite being a decided underdog in all contests.  In the finals, she dropped a decision in a controversial fashion to Yvonne "The Furry Mountain of Moon Colony #1" Angerdlarnek, the reigning Champion of Gartosh.  


With her winnings and the income from a few endorsement deals, she paid off her mother's debt from multiple college loans and divorce lawyer fees; she then decided to travel the cosmos and make up for lost time.  


She has never fought again.  At least not professionally.  


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