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Full Name: Lafayette "Duke" LaGrange

Planet of Origin: Nova Texas

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Awards/Accomplishments: "Favorite Bounty Hunter-Playboy" (15 times), Bounty Hunting Digest

Weapon of Choice: Ol' Betsy (Widowmaker Sonic Shotgun), Laser Revolver ("Pulse Pistol")

They Said It: "Holy hedgehogs!" / "I'm Duke LaGrange...Adventurer.  Trailblazer.  Poet.  A true man of the universe."



There isn't much on record about the childhood of Lafayette LaGrange.  His parents dropped him off as an infant at a local brothel deep in the heart of Nova Texas; that establishment of lustful interactions was his home until adulthood.  Most of his adolescence is shrouded in mystery, legend, and flat-out fabrication; but it is well documented that he was mentored in his adolescent years by rogue outlaw and folk hero, H.A. "Duke" Dallas (a frequent visitor of the brothel).  Duke Dallas and his favorite business partner, Mistress Trixie, taught the young Lafayette everything from sharpshooting to gambling (more accurately, cheating) to how to treat a lady (Duke, admittedly, forgot most of the latter).  


At some point in Lafayette's teenage years, tradgedy stuck the brothel when Mistress Trixie was brutally murdered by a disgruntled cowboy after losing a high-stakes  game of cards to Duke Dallas.  For the first time in his life, Duke Dallas had to live with the negative consequences of his less-than-moral actions.  He swore off every vice that had plagued (and stimulated) his very being - after tracking down and bludgeoning the killer to a painful demise, of course.  Dallas, embarrassed by his lifetime of unrealized misbehavior, fled Nova Texas without even a simple "goodbye" to Lafayette.  


Over the next years, Lafayette joined the local law enforcement branch but could not keep down a steady gig due to his constant partying.  After his third strike and subsequent firing, he pursued - what he felt - was the best career option for a man of his skills: bounty hunter.


Taking on the nickname of his mentor, armed with the combat skills that Duke Dallas bestowed upon him, and driven by the loss of the beloved Miss Trixie at the hands of a dangerous thug, Lafayette "Duke" LaGrange set out to catch the most awful, notorious, and downright sinister criminals in the known universe.  Of course, you can take the boy out of the brothel, but you can't take the brother out of the boy - so Duke's reputation as a playboy quickly became as renowned as his bounty hunting skills.  


Duke, alongwith his trusted sidekick, Ishiro'shea, now traverse the cosmos bringing criminals to justice (for the most part) and enjoying their fair share of booze, women, and general debauchery.  




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